A Dashing Prince William Attends a Black Tie Affair in London

Taking the tux for a test drive in London, the fetching Prince William made an appearance at the F.A. 150th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Grand Connaught Rooms on Saturday (October 26).

Striking in a jet black tux, the Duke of Cambridge stepped out of his ride, smoothing out his threads. He swaggered into the event, smiling as he went.

In related news, the prince’s lovely wife, Kate Middleton surprised countrymen and fans alike, going out for a casual shopping spree in London on Friday, possibly purchasing items for her family’s new royal apartments in Kensington Palace.

William, Kate and little George seem more than ready to begin their new royal life together, and we can expect them to turn heads and attract the attention of the world with their movie-star good looks!

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/prince-william/dashing-prince-william-attends-black-tie-affair-london-1060842
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